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Soon ─ in 2021 ─ it will be 10 years after the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear accident of March 2011. Time is approaching to reflect on lessons learned and progress made. Immediately after the accident there was a period of tremendous community stress and confusion over changing radiation protection standards. Now, a revitalization period is in progress through extensive remediation and a gradual reopening of formerly restricted areas.

Since the accident, many scientific studies have been conducted in numerous research areas, especially on the topic of radiation in the environment. Thousands of scientific results have been disseminated internationally through a wide assortment of published manuscripts. In addition to scientific research, much effort has been made to restore communities and improve the quality of human life. Feedback from the science and community efforts is provided to residents to inform them about decreasing radiation levels and expected doses in the future.

The IERR conference will be held in June of 2021 to summarize knowledge obtained after the accident, and to recommend future directions for studies on environmental radioactivity. A published synopsis of the conference proceedings is planned.


February 25, 2020
IERR2021 official web site opens on-line.


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